American Boy

E-commerce Website + Google Grant + Paid Media + Strategy

Challenge: Megan Megale and her family lost her son to a heroin overdose in 2017. Together, they launched a non-profit in his honor, American Boy. Megan needed a new website and an awareness strategy for a few of their new initiatives.

Strategy: This project took place over the summer and was on an expedited timeline to complete the website in time for the inaugural American Boy Fall Brawl.

Along with the website, Saint Rock Media advised American Boy to pursue the Google Grant, which provides $120,000 in free advertising from Google.

Results: The website was completed on time in order to receive just under 2,000 ticket sales one month out from the event. The successful event resulted in inquiries through the website to expand the Fall Brawl to 3 additional cities in 2020.

The Google Grant was successfully attained and through Saint Rock Media managing the grant, 1,000 new visitors are brought to the website monthly.

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