Disciples Today

Social Media + Paid Media + Strategy + Ecommerce + Automation

Challenge: Disciples Today is an international media company, connecting over 700 churches. Although their Facebook account had a strong following, their other social media accounts suffered, especially as they wanted to engage a younger demographic.

In addition to social media, Disciples Today wanted to move towards a business model that was supported by individual recurring gifts, in addition to larger organizations' support.

Strategy: For the social media component, Saint Rock Media created relevant daily posts for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Our team checked upcoming events to make sure all events were being promoted to increase overall conference registrations.

For the shift in business model, Saint Rock Media built an e-commerce store, giving away limited Disciples Today merchandise for various recurring donation levels.

Results: The social media strategy grew the account to over 2,100 Instagram followers in 12 months - starting from 0.​

Our development team created a successful, custom build that allowed e-commerce transactions for donations. For this type of build, other companies charge tens of thousands of dollars for. Disciples Today was profitable from their initial investment over the first 12 months.

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