Georgia Council on Substance Abuse

Branding + Social Media + Automation + SEO + Paid Media

Challenge: GCSA had received state and federal funding for a statewide stigma-reduction campaign. They needed a new brand identity along with an entire digital marketing campaign to compliment their outdoor and video campaign.

Strategy: Saint Rock Media conducted a series of deep dive audits to reverse engineer the awareness and lead generation KPIs GCSA was looking for. We designed campaigns around everyday people in Georgia who were fighting to stay strong in their recovery.

Results: We designed and developed a custom brand for GCSA that they will launch in 2020. The Google Grant was awarded to GCSA and our team managed their awareness campaign, driving an increase of 10,000 new monthly website visitors. The chatbot integrated into the website grew to 100 new organic subscribers in the first month. The social media campaign saw an increase in followers of 100% (Facebook) and an increase of 50% followers on Instagram over the past 6 months. 

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