Speech, Arrested Development

Social Media + Paid Media + Content Creation

Challenge: Speech and Arrested Development are best known for being an American Hip-Hop group that won multiple Grammy Awards in the early nineties. They have maintained their relevance through annual international tours. However, Speech wanted to promote his personal brand to help drive awareness to all of his auxiliary projects (16 Bars, The Nigga Factory, music school, etc).

Strategy: Knowing how engaging of a personality Speech is, Saint Rock Media decided to leverage his personality on YouTube by re-launching his channel with a weekly vlog following his travels while constantly on tour.

Results: Although Speech was hesitant at first, he trusted Saint Rock Media to distribute his The Nigga Factory docu-series on his YouTube channel which resulted in Speech going viral. At the time, with less than 3,000 subscribers, in less than three months, Speech gain 35,000 new subscribers. To date, Speech has over 43,000 subscribers and over one million views on his channel.

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