The Freshman Focus

Social Media + Paid Media + Strategy

Challenge: The Freshman Focus is a new college football award category focused solely on freshman college football players. Similar to the Heisman Award, the goal of this campaign was to increase growth on Instagram and brand awareness and relevance.

Strategy: Saint Rock Media conducted a series of deep dive audits to reverse engineer the best way to achieve the results needed within the 2019 season. *Note: The 2019 season had already begun before Saint Rock Media was brought in to help. We decided to use a mix of a paid media and organic strategy with the time constraints.

Results: The first month was slow growth as we conducted 8 split tests to identify how to scale the campaign. After the first month, we were able to shave $5 off per follow to efficiently use our fixed media spend. We met and exceeded our growth KPIs. We also achieved our relevance goals by creating engaging Instagram Stories which received consistent shares from tier one football athletes and re-posts from many Division One schools.

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